Director’s Statement

“Apart from making what we believe will be a kick ass movie, we’re also trying to create an awareness of the lack of films and TV that use actors with special needs. It’s rare and it shouldn’t be this way because there are a lot of talented actors who just happen to have a disability.

When more mainstream films showcase actors with special needs they tend to do it with kid gloves, but I’m not interested in that. I want to break down barriers. I want to make audiences see the special needs community in a different way. Some people are going to find the film’s content disturbing, and some might even be wary that an actor with Down syndrome can carry a film. I want to prove them wrong.  By showing people with special needs persevering in situations that would be tough for “normal” people, we’re helping break down those barriers surrounding the expectations or assumptions as to what a person with special needs should say, how they should act, or what they can and can’t accomplish. Everyone struggles, everyone makes mistakes, and everyone makes decisions they regret – even people with special needs.”

– Kire Paputts