Theatrical Release

Hey everybody,

we’re excited to announce that The Rainbow Kid will start it’s theatrical run across Canada next week! As part of the Canadian indie film series, it will screen in over 15 theatres across Canada starting on May 4th. Please help spread the word and get people as excited as we are. Right now it’s a limited release. What does that mean? It means it will only be playing at a select number of theatres and for a short amount of time. Some cities/towns only have one screening while others have a week long run. However, if we can fill seats and sell out screenings then the runs will be extended and other theatres will be added.

Toronto screenings will take place at The Carlton cinema starting May 6th. As soon as tickets become available through their website we’ll let you know. I also think that some of the cast and myself will be doing some Q&A’s after the Friday and Saturday night screenings. We’ll confirm shortly.

Here’s a list of all upcoming screenings. Hopefully it’s playing at a theatre near you. If not, just drive. It’s well worth it. Makes a great first date movie.

*To buy tickets please click on the theatre.

Toronto Carlton Cinemas May 6 *week-long run
Kanata Landmark Cinemas May 4 (opens May 6) *week-long run
Whitby Landmark Cinemas May 4 (opens May 6) *week-long run
Kingston Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Waterloo Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Hamilton Staircase Theatre May 18 *1 Day only
Peterborough Market Hall  June 8  *1 Day only
Winnipeg Landmark Grant Park Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Winnipeg Landmark Towne May 6 *week-long run
Calgary Landmark Cinemas 16 Country Hills May 4 *1 Day only
Calgary Globe Cinema May 10 *1 Day only
Edmonton Landmark Cinemas 9 City Centre May 4 *1 Day only
British Columbia
New Westminster Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Kamloops Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Kelowna Landmark Grand May 4 *1 Day only
Nanaimo Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Penticton Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Cranbrook Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Campbell River Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Courtenay Landmark Cinemas May 4 *1 Day only
Montreal Phi Centre May 18 *1 Day only

Please do what you can and help support this little movie that could. It took us over 5 years to get to this point. Now we finally have the opportunity for people to see all the hard work that’s gone into making it.

Theatrical poster
Theatrical poster

Here’s a new theatrical poster for the film. I think it’s pretty cool. What do you think? And any theatrical release wouldn’t be complete without a new trailer.


Dylan and I just got back from Beijing. We had a great time. With 4 screenings in total the response to the film was wonderful. Lots of interesting questions and lots of translating. We’ll have some pics soon! We also took home Best Feature Film at the Vail Film Festival. We would like to thank the audience and judges for this great award. Wish we could have been there. More exciting info to come. But for now, let’s focus on the up-coming screenings. Thanks!